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Five Misconceptions People Have About Cancer

Dr. Mark Liponis, author of Ultra-longevity and medical director of Canyon Ranch spas, gives a stunning observation about the disease cancer. I thought you might like to know some of the common misconceptions that he learned from his own experience with cancer. When you finish reading this short but important list, I’m confident you will [...]

It’s Not Just Our Bodies That Are Acidic

Pollution and overfishing have damaged 96 percent of the world’s oceans. “Only the seas that surround each of the poles remain pollution free,” according to marine ecologist and research biologist, Ben Halpern of University of California, Santa Barbara (, search Ben Halpern). More than 40 percent of the oceans have been seriously fouled by sewage, [...]

When properly cared for, the body’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems can carry most people to the age of 100 easily!

The heart, blood vessels and lungs are remarkably durable structures. They are designed to carry us through to a very long lifetime. It’s apparent in our culture that many older people develop heart and lung problems but it has less to do with the aging process and more to do with lifestyle choices. Those factors [...]

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE is the result of an adaptive process to a water deficiency…why wait for a heart attack when the right water can make a difference?

“The vessels of the body have been designed to cope with the fluctuation of their blood volume and tissue requirements by opening and closing different vessels.”¹ When we do not drink enough water to serve all the needs of the body, some cells become dehydrated and lose some of their water to the circulation. Dr. [...]

Obesity Rate Climbs, Children Pay The Price And Parents Get Ready To Grieve

Burgeoning waistlines hasn’t put the damper on American’s appetite¹ for what is unhealthy or on their quest for larger and larger containers of soda. Diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, embolisms are but a few conditions finding new homes in the acid environment that comes with obesity and Western diet…and then we wonder why it is on [...]