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Why are we so darn tired?

It’s natural to sleep at night and be active during the day. Every cell in our body responds best to a 24-hour cycle. This is called a circadian rhythm. But with the advent of the light bulb, we have separated what we do from the rhythm of the sun.¹ This has been a perilous move [...]

Defeating Seasonal Cold and Flu Bugs in Dirty America …10 Tips

There is an estimated five nonillion (5 x 10 to the power of 30) bacteria alive and thriving on Earth this minute. Seasonal colds and flu are a nuisance by any definition. And we always get some version of what to do this time of year to advert this curse, yet people still end up [...]

Diabetes Looms in the Future for All of Our Families…unless we take action now!

Here’s one heckova scary thought! ONE-HALF OF AMERICANS are facing diabetes by 2020. That’s just nine years from now. Americans must wake up and stop, if not curtail, their intake of the very foods, snacks and activities that cause acid build-up and a dramatic imbalance of sugar production in the body. Without attention to lifestyle for themselves and [...]