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Making your hospital care safe

Hospital care has changed in recent times and it makes me wonder if we are going backward. We have to be increasingly vigilant by making sure our surroundings are clean and free of invasive bacteria that crop up more and more in a supposedly sterile hospital environment. So what do we need to know and [...]

What is WADA? And why do you care?

WADA is the World Anti-Doping Agency that became the authoritative organization on banned drugs in Olympic competition in 1999. In 1968 the first drug use controls were instituted at the Winter Olympics, but it wasn’t the first time performance enhancing tactics were employed. Such things are as old as the first Olympics in Ancient Greece. [...]

Enzymes lead the fight against cancer

The thymus gland, part of the endocrine system, is made up of loosely related cells, tissues and organs. When all these elements come together and are in sync it is called homeostasis otherwise described as the internal stability between all cells, organs and tissues. It is the key to regulated metabolic functioning. And metabolic functioning [...]

Kidney disease and how to prevent it

Kidneys are the final buffer for the body to keep its acid and alkaline conditions in balance. Kidney disease, when you finally discover it, has likely been present for many, many years. On that first trip to the bathroom in the morning is your urine a dark yellow with a pungent ammonia smell? If so, [...]