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Kristin Sunderhaft, LPGA Member and Health Fighter

Kristin Sunderhaft is a LPGA member and teaching professional. Tonight on Health and Wellness with Dr. Dave she is telling her comeback story from overweight and depression. Kristin rose through the ranks to reach professional golfer and found her greatest rewards came from coaching and training. Whether you are a golf enthusiast, amateur athlete in [...]

Salt—love it, leave it or eat it

Seventeen million lives are lost each year to stroke, heart attack and cardiovascular disease. Triggered by high blood pressure, the condition of hypertension until now has been thought to stay under control, in part, with a reduction in salt consumption. Now, a series of studies challenge that premise and they have some proponents of the [...]

Diabetes has become a young person’s problem

OCTOBER is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! Help all you can! Sixty-five million people age 20 or older have prediabetes. In 2007 it was 57 million. By 2050 (that’s only 39 years from now) the CDC estimates the trend of one in nine adults who currently have diabetes will jump to one in three. The old [...]

How to keep your brain on the track

OCTOBER is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! Help all you can! Two weeks ago I wrote on the “number one economic challenge for European health care.” It was about a study on the brain and the myriad disorders that are coming into play around the world. This past Saturday I was listening to a lecture by [...]

When the brain aches…fix it!

Reuters reported this today… A study by the European Brain Council (EBC) said the bill for disorders such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and dementia, will rise as people live longer, making it “the number one economic challenge for European health care.” There are two parts of this to consider. The severe health warning sound telling [...]

Back pain, massage and redox signaling messengers

After two weeks of intense excitement and drama, I’m still running late. My apologies for being absent last week. Late Wednesday I had just returned from my son’s home on the hurricane riddled northeast coast. We spent two days moving everything in their backyard—plants, furniture and anything that could be sucked up by 70 mph [...]

Heart monitor the size of a band aide on your wrist

Jump ten or twenty years into the future—maybe much sooner. Imagine you are admiring a tattoo on an arm or dresses up someone’s shoulder. Then imagine that it is actually a heart monitor or a “built-in” cell phone that appears to be nothing more than a second skin or otherwise eye-catching tattoo. This is technology’s [...]

What is WADA? And why do you care?

WADA is the World Anti-Doping Agency that became the authoritative organization on banned drugs in Olympic competition in 1999. In 1968 the first drug use controls were instituted at the Winter Olympics, but it wasn’t the first time performance enhancing tactics were employed. Such things are as old as the first Olympics in Ancient Greece. [...]

Enzymes lead the fight against cancer

The thymus gland, part of the endocrine system, is made up of loosely related cells, tissues and organs. When all these elements come together and are in sync it is called homeostasis otherwise described as the internal stability between all cells, organs and tissues. It is the key to regulated metabolic functioning. And metabolic functioning [...]

Kidney disease and how to prevent it

Kidneys are the final buffer for the body to keep its acid and alkaline conditions in balance. Kidney disease, when you finally discover it, has likely been present for many, many years. On that first trip to the bathroom in the morning is your urine a dark yellow with a pungent ammonia smell? If so, [...]