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The Chemistry of Success: Six Secrets of Peak Performance by Susan Lark, M.D.

When I finally sat down to write this week’s article, I had finished the most important task of my day. I had finally found the dolly pram stroller online that my adorable three year old granddaughter had asked Santa, or her Nana, that’s me, to give her for Christmas or her December birthday. You can [...]

Obesity and BMI

An analysis of 57 studies conducted in the U.S. and Europe were analyzed by a team of scientists at Oxford University. It involved more than 894,000 people. The team was able to correlate deaths and longevity to body mass index [BMI]. BMI is commonly used to measure obesity as it relates to someone’s weight and [...]

Alzheimer’s Month Brings New Research

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Sixteen million people worldwide suffer from the disease. In the Fall 2009 edition of the New York City chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association Quarterly Bulletin was a featured article by freelance writer, Sally Laden, M.S., a specialist in clinical therapeutics. It’s a comprehensive piece with a singular vision. For [...]

What Happens When Alkalized Water Is Introduced To A Pregnant Mother?

As human beings our natural state is one of alkalinity. When a woman gets pregnant she starts giving up alkaline minerals to her fetus. In that process, toxicity becomes part of pregnancy.   Drinking alkalized water is one of the best preparations for pregnancy and one of the best elements for nutritional maintenance before and [...]

Dr. Corinne Allen Validates Micro-ionized Water In Autism Protocol

Seven doctors, a room the size of two football fields, and 900 people waiting to hear validation on the scientific efficacy of micro-clustered, ionized water in the human body—that was the scene when Dr. Corinne Allen and six other doctors spoke at the annual Premiere Partner’s Change Your Life Weekend in Palm Desert on October [...]

Experts Stress Body Balance for Weight Loss

A body that doesn’t need fat to protect its vital organs, is a body in balance. How many times do you think about losing weight? Most likely, the first thing that comes to mind is to eat fewer calories and exercise everyday and, “I’ll lose 20 pounds before vacation.” Unfortunately, you are leaving out the [...]

Life after Cancer

Once cancer appears to be conquered, the real work begins. An acidic biological environment is contrary to what is considered a normal biological system because the human terrain is naturally gauged to the alkaline side. We all begin as a fetus in an alkaline rich environment. The optimum environment that is part of pregnancy for [...]

The Demon We Call Cancer Gets Beat!

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of the highly acclaimed book, The China Study, and his team of researchers has conclusively demonstrated in his studies conducted over twenty years that it is possible to turn cancer on and turn cancer off. He determined that diet has an absolute effect on all cancers. The same conclusion was [...]

Rebound Headaches… What Are They and Why Are They Such a Pain?

Ibuprofen addict? If so, be wary. Rebound headaches occur when there is too much reliance on headache pain relievers. They happen when pain medication or analgesics are taken more than two to three times a week and tend to affect both sides of the head. They may be accompanied by nausea and even vomiting along [...]

Cancer! Where Do You Get Help?

Finding out you have cancer is devastating and can make anyone freeze up with fear, worry and while leaving them frozen in time incapable of knowing what to do next. We thought it would help to share with you, from the Los Angeles Times, a few good places where the cancer victim can begin a [...]