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Brain, Autism, Alzheimer’s & Monsanto…a connection?

Crop rotation is a farming method. Each growing season a crop is planted. It rotates with a different crop planted in the same field from one season to the next. This is done to keep the earth naturally replenished with nutrients so as not to strip the soil leaving it devoid of natural nutritional properties. [...]

Sneaky Monsanto and Senator Roy Blunt Are Looking To Kill Us

Earlier this month, Whole Foods, the well-known and respected healthy food grocery chain, just got more respect and lifted my spirit when they made a commitment to not sell genetically modified food organism [GMO] products. As did my favorite, Trader Joe’s. Indeed, I was very, very happy! Then on March 26th things changed. Unbeknownst to [...]

Soda, Fast Food & Processing – Our Food (or is it?) is Killing Us!

Sugar = acid = glue and “gums up the works” in my grandmother’s parlance. Sugar slows blood flow down making it difficult for healthy oxygen to feed cells constructively. Instead, fermentation is offered a breeding ground for cancer cells. This is not a new thought. Dr. Otto H. Warburg of Germany, Nobel laureate, was awarded [...]

Kristin Sunderhaft, LPGA Member and Health Fighter

Kristin Sunderhaft is a LPGA member and teaching professional. Tonight on Health and Wellness with Dr. Dave she is telling her comeback story from overweight and depression. Kristin rose through the ranks to reach professional golfer and found her greatest rewards came from coaching and training. Whether you are a golf enthusiast, amateur athlete in [...]

What to do when stroke is seeking out younger victims

Stroke is insidious. So here’s the question. How many of you are going to change your habits to prevent being confined to bed and a wheelchair while having every little thing done for you from feeding, bathing, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, dressing and moving you from one place to another? What I described [...]

Mosquitos just keep coming – so do the remedies

Two weeks ago I wrote about the burgeoning problem of escalating mosquito levels. They are soon to be higher than ever before because our winter was warmer and our spring has come sooner. Mosquitoes, to be kept under control, need winter to freeze them out. The reality of global warming is showing us what we [...]

Mild Winter + Hot Humid Spring = Early Mosquito Hatching

With summer, here come the bugs and they are worse and more determined than years past. Did you know that due to the lack of freezing temperatures this winter, bugs and their eggs, and in large part mosquitoes, that usually get killed in winter freezes simply didn’t. This means for you and me this summer, [...]

The Social Consequences of Obesity that Nobody Talks About

It takes $190.2 billion a year to pay for medical care of the obese. That is 20.6 percent of the total U.S. health spending according to a research team at Cornell University. This is just one consequence for America as two-thirds of our adults and one-third of our children struggle with obesity. And the numbers [...]

The GMO battle is only beginning

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. It is being done to our food now and without our knowledge because of lobbyists from the chemical industry surreptitiously putting big money up to get legislation passed in strategic farm states to not have to give GMO food a GMO label. The following came to me in an [...]

What Redox Signaling Means for You

If you have been listening to Dr. Dave’s health and wellness teleseminar then you know he covers a broad range of valuable and useful health information designed to optimize how you feel and perform in your daily lives. His program is not about one product over another, but about what you can do to improve [...]