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Why Katie Couric wants us to know about digital language

Just ask your son or daughter, your grandson or granddaughter, if a digital language is really all that important. My guess is they will say without hesitation, “Well YEA! T2UL.” Katie Couric recently dedicated her show to this topic and much, much more. It triggered within me the need to share this information and to [...]

Smartphones and Heart Monitoring

If you own a smart phone, everywhere you turn there is an ‘app’ for whatever you might want, need or dream about. It makes me wonder, who in my generation would or could have imagined in 1960 such things would have been possible in our time. Not to be outdone by apps for email, music, [...]

Kristin Sunderhaft, LPGA Member and Health Fighter

Kristin Sunderhaft is a LPGA member and teaching professional. Tonight on Health and Wellness with Dr. Dave she is telling her comeback story from overweight and depression. Kristin rose through the ranks to reach professional golfer and found her greatest rewards came from coaching and training. Whether you are a golf enthusiast, amateur athlete in [...]

“My metabolism has changed and now I’m gaining weight!”

So often I have women and men ask how I maintain my weight. They are having struggles like we all do at some point in our lives. That’s why I decided to write about metabolism this week and share with you what has worked for me. Metabolism is the rate at which we burn calories. [...]

What to do when stroke is seeking out younger victims

Stroke is insidious. So here’s the question. How many of you are going to change your habits to prevent being confined to bed and a wheelchair while having every little thing done for you from feeding, bathing, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, dressing and moving you from one place to another? What I described [...]

Why is Reverse Osmosis dead?

RO dead? It’s true. Reverse osmosis treated water is effectively dead. Why, because the process, though making water pure in terms of bad bacteria, strips it of all natural nutrients. Clean water is paramount to good health and our lives depend on it! It is the vehicle for natural alkaline minerals that our biological terrain [...]

Create a Healing Environment with Sound Therapy

Walkman, CD player, iPod. How far we have come! These instruments of sound keep getting smaller, more compact and easier to carry around while offering up a better and more improved music listening experience. And why is this important? It’s because music can change how we feel. It can create a healing place to drift [...]

Pro-GMO Propaganda in California Dismantled by New Cost Study

Originally Posted by Alliance for Natural Health-USA on August 14, 2012. Individual resources in footnote below. Opponents of GMO labeling say it will raise food costs by hundreds of dollars per family when in fact it will likely cause NO cost increase at all! The California Right to Know 2012 Ballot Initiative, which will be [...]

Stress is a killer, Laughter is not

Stress is a normal physical response to events that send our biological system into overdrive. Whether it is high gear or low gear depends on the situation. Either way, it is the body’s method of protecting you and helping you get whatever job you need to done. It might be as simple as helping with [...]

The Power of Your Kidneys… Always in high demand

Did you know the health of your kidneys is paramount to every organ in your body functioning at a top level? If you want to live longer and healthier, keep your kidneys strong. It’s not a choice, it’s a necessity. And strange as it may seem, they assure your brain of getting more of the [...]