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After 20 years, a new focus on breast cancer…or is it?

OCTOBER is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! BE AWARE Breast cancer took a turn in thinking back in 2009. This paradigm shift came from Dr. Mina Bissell of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.¹  Her message first came out in a paper handed to a well established scientist with whom she worked who promptly put it into [...]

9 ways men and women can keep bones strong and prevent fractures

Strong bones are important to a fit, strong and healthy body. Osteoporosis in post-menopausal women has been the focal point of concern with an erroneous belief that men are at far less risk if at all. Astoundingly, one-quarter of hip-fracture victims are men and their one-year survival rate is considerably lower than that of women. [...]

Cut your risk for summer food poisoning!

If you have ever been afflicted with food poisoning, it becomes a call to wellness that resounds deep in your belly with the message shouting, “Don’t ever do this to me again!” One out of six of us will be stricken with food poisoning this year. Most of the time the symptoms will be relatively [...]

Your Baby and the Toxic Scare

Flame retardant is deadly! Yes, you read that right. Flame retardant is deadly! Of fifteen kinds in common use, chlorinated tris is the most common and in widest use. It is found in countless products ranging from furniture to clothes, from indoor dust to lakes and rivers where we get our drinking water. In the [...]

Reduce stress, live longer, spring into your garden

Can you believe it? Already it is mid-April. We are a month into spring and nearly two months past the primary flu month of February. Wherever you are, plants are responding to the seasonal change to warmer weather and so are we. With new growth all around our hearts get a bit lighter, our spirit [...]

Menopause has merit! Moms live longer because of it

Calling all middle-aged women, husbands and children who suffer when out of the blue the doors and windows are thrown open in the depths of winter by Mom! Today, hot flashes are becoming a trend setter for a very good reason. Only now can you appreciate a hot flash link between high cholesterol levels, high [...]

Destruction needs only 15 seconds and a lifetime to manage

It was a struggle today to know how and what to write about when six people are fighting for their lives at University of Arizona’s Medical Center and little Christina Taylor Green’s life was celebrated as she was put to rest in Tucson. What I had planned to share with you all seemed irrelevant in [...]

Back…and ready to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

After a true Christmas vacation—me in Sedona with family and Dr. Dave Carpenter in the mountains of Idaho—we’re happy to say, “Yes! We’re back! And ready to get going again with our weekly teleseminars, ‘Health & Wellness with Dr. Dave,’every Thursday evening at 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST. But first let me tell [...]

Why are we so darn tired?

It’s natural to sleep at night and be active during the day. Every cell in our body responds best to a 24-hour cycle. This is called a circadian rhythm. But with the advent of the light bulb, we have separated what we do from the rhythm of the sun.¹ This has been a perilous move [...]

Defeating Seasonal Cold and Flu Bugs in Dirty America …10 Tips

There is an estimated five nonillion (5 x 10 to the power of 30) bacteria alive and thriving on Earth this minute. Seasonal colds and flu are a nuisance by any definition. And we always get some version of what to do this time of year to advert this curse, yet people still end up [...]