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Something Worth Knowing! The Voice of the People Gets Heard

Our legislative system works! And Congress does listen, but you have to be proactive. Earlier today I spent an hour contacting Senators Boxer, Feinstein, Durbin, McCain and Kyl. Did I talk directly with them? No, but I spoke to live people in their offices three out of the five telephone calls made and was able [...]

Baby Aspirin is Hope for Cancer Patients

We have all heard that one baby aspirin a day can help prevent a heart attack and people everywhere and from all walks of life subscribe to the commonly recommended protocol on a regular basis. Now there is even more evidence appearing on the horizon for expanded potential of that daily routine. Though proof is [...]

Dr. Oz on Vitamin Dosage

So much for the belief if one is good then more is better when it comes to vitamins. That is if you are listening to Dr. Mehmet Oz. According to Dr. Oz, a woman who is post-menopause and is taking excess iron is putting her health at risk because iron is an oxidant meaning it [...]

Statins: Report back by popular demand

I reported on Statins back in February of last year. So many came to me and wanted me to reprint this that I decided now would be a good time to revisit the world of this pervasive and unhealthful drug. CBS News reported last month that English researchers have put out a new study bringing [...]

Autism: Doing what you can!

As a grandmother of four healthy and as far as I can see or know, autism-free grand-children, I recognize I am a very lucky Nana. Yet, I am concerned as we all should be about today’s rising autism statistics. They are shocking, staggering and alarming. Something is invading our children’s brains that is too casually [...]

Sleep and Tired

It’s that time of year, between Thanksgiving and New Years that our sleep requirements are put to the test. Fatigue is at epidemic levels and more than sixty percent of Americans are experiencing sleep deprivation. The number of airport traffic controllers who in the past year have made the news for falling asleep on the [...]

Post turkey day, tighter jeans and pepper spray

How’s everyone after a hectic day of post-Thanksgiving victories at the mall or Walmart? I’m hoping for all of your sakes you weren’t faced with pepper spray and overly zealous shoppers with eating withdrawals determined to beat you out of the latest ‘deal’ on only three 50 inch tv’s available for every 1,000 customers. Ridiculous [...]

Learning How to Carve a Turkey…Planning ahead!

This is a great video. You’ve got to watch it if carving a turkey has ever been for you an experience that is daunting and one where you never quite know exactly what you are doing. This fellow, Gordon Drysdale from The Food Network, makes it an artful task you just might want to embrace [...]

More hope for autism

“Qualitative impairments of social communication and interaction, along with restricted and repetitive activities and interests.” According to some, that’s autism. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] define autism as one of a group of disorders known as autism spectrum disorders [ASDs]. No matter what it is called, labeled or described, the condition can [...]

Salt—love it, leave it or eat it

Seventeen million lives are lost each year to stroke, heart attack and cardiovascular disease. Triggered by high blood pressure, the condition of hypertension until now has been thought to stay under control, in part, with a reduction in salt consumption. Now, a series of studies challenge that premise and they have some proponents of the [...]