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What is WADA? And why do you care?

Jim Lawrence triathlete 201x300 What is WADA? And why do you care?WADA is the World Anti-Doping Agency that became the authoritative organization on banned drugs in Olympic competition in 1999. In 1968 the first drug use controls were instituted at the Winter Olympics, but it wasn’t the first time performance enhancing tactics were employed. Such things are as old as the first Olympics in Ancient Greece.

If you’re an elite or professional athlete, you know this organization. When competing, athletes have a strict code to follow but as we all know, some of our most admired professional athletes have found ways around regulation. Some banned substances simply become too tempting in the quest to go longer, higher, faster and stronger. Not just disappointing, it’s just plain stupid. But substance abuse has become part of the super-athlete’s culture.

This strict code regulated by WADA is supposed to create a harmony of anti-doping policies between the world of sports and throughout all countries. Disregard for the policies established to create a level playing field for every athlete in a given sport is bad for the sport and bad for the children who idolize their athlete heroes. That age-old saying, “The higher they climb, the harder they fall” has never been more true as we’ve seen in the cases of Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Michael Phelps, Fernando Vargas, Floyd Landis and a long list that has no real end.

So what is the athletic community going to do?

Let me suggest an alternative to drugs. Advanced, non-toxic, legal and healthful, there is a dietary supplement that can increase performance like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Redox signaling molecules suspended in a saline solution called Asea has been approved for use by WADA. It has been tested and found to contain no banned substances while giving the athlete increased performance, in most cases, by a startling 12% increase of ones VO2max rate. This is the rate at which oxygen intake becomes so efficient that you can push the interminable “wall” out so far that it’s conceivable you may not ever hit it. But don’t believe me. Read what these professional athletes have to say after using it.

Sinjin Smith, retired professional beach volleyball player, former Olympian and a World Champion, says, “Asea allows me to actually go out and train, feel good, recover, and then train more often…[it] helps me to do things closely to the way I used to years ago. Even though my career is over, I still enjoy the benefits of Asea.”

James Lawrence, ironman triathlete, had this to say, “I took [Asea] for 6 weeks. [Then] I took the [sports clinic] test. I was able  to run faster, on a steeper incline with a lower heart rate…Asea helps me to recover quickly and even get more training in…I get back on my feet and go out and kill it again.”

If any of these words ring with you, I highly recommend the benefits of redox signaling molecules. If you are wondering should I or shouldn’t I, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain in trying Asea—before, during and after workouts and competition. As a 67 year old wannabe athlete who exercises regularly, I am always amazed at how easy and more efficient my workouts have become and how much better I feel overall. Do I go around my circuit with more gusto than any other person in my age group? You bet I do! Can I see a difference when I don’t take it before working out? Yes I can. Substantially. And so do athletes who are my friends.

Curious about hearing from more athletes? You can at my YouTube Channel right here. Go to and watch and listen as long as you want. They are pretty darn entertaining.

PS. Internet Explorer is the best to watch from.

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LouAnn Savage is publisher and editor of The Weekly Healthline, an online health and lifestyle publication. Follow or subscribe at these online locations:,, twitter @louannsavage and join her on She is a sales representative for Asea and has affordable water ionizers available upon request.

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  • services sprite What is WADA? And why do you care?
  • services sprite What is WADA? And why do you care?
  • services sprite What is WADA? And why do you care?
  • services sprite What is WADA? And why do you care?
  • services sprite What is WADA? And why do you care?
  • services sprite What is WADA? And why do you care?
  • services sprite What is WADA? And why do you care?
  • services sprite What is WADA? And why do you care?

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